musicians - left to right:
saxophones & flute: Michael Stephens (1994-2002)
guitars: Warren Henry (1994-1998)
basses: Sam Kibler (1994-2002)
drums: Joe Culley (1995-2002)
keyboards: Will Caynon (1997-2002)
percussion: Terry Lewis (1999-2000)
guitars: Jim Gluyas (2000-2002)

additional musicians:
drums: Brett Brandon (1994)
guitars: Eric Franchi (1999)

Osmosis began in the summer of 1994 after much discussion of the music scene between Warren Henry and Michael Stephens. The two got together with Sam Kibler - a bassist they had performed with in Fat City Blues - and experimented with many original ideas, which culminated in their first performance at the end of the summer. On the drums originally, Brett Brandon played with the band until the following winter.
In need of a percussionist, Stephens sought out a dynamic drummer with whom he had performed in the Bluestones, Joe Culley. Culley fit perfectly with the band and has been a member since March of '95. In November of '95, the four-piece group consisting of Henry, Stephens, Kibler, and Culley went into Canton Music Center to record a demo tape. This project turn into the band's first CD, entitled simply Music. The band's official CD release party was held at the Northside Tavern on November 30, 1996. This CD earned the band the recognition of Musician magazine, ranking in the top 25 bands in the country in their "Unsigned Band Contest".
1998 marked some major steps for Osmosis, and also brought about some changes in personnel. When Marion Meadows came to town in February, Osmosis had the pleasure of opening for his group at the Highland Theatre in Akron. Will Caynon brought his keyboard talents to the group in May, and this five piece group was thrilled to open for Spyro Gyra at the Crooked River Jazz and Blues Festival in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.
The fall of '98 marked the departure of Warren Henry from the group. No, there wasn't any big fight; Osmosis and Warren remained on good terms, and the band still played his music. Although the group sadly said goodbye to Warren's guitar at First Night Akron on New Year's Eve, Osmosis wasted no time, adding the guitar of Eric Franchi.
The summer of '99 was an exciting time for Osmosis, beginning with interesting and diverse performances including the Juneteenth celebration at the Maple Valley Branch of the Akron Public Library, the Heritage Festival in Kent on July 3rd, and a number of nights at the Cornerstone Grille in Kent. Two events, though, highlighted the summer for Osmosis: opening for Chuck Mangione at the Crooked River Jazz and Blues Festival in Cuyahoga Falls on July 31st, and recording the rough tracks for the second Osmosis CD at Audio Recording in Solon. The fall brought some changes to the band - the first of which was the addition of percussionist Terry Lewis. A very tasteful musician, Lewis is an excellent compliment to Joe Culley. The fall also marked the departure of Eric Franchi, but Osmosis was very fortunate to have had Warren Henry available to help us finish our recording project.
In April of 2000, a new guitarist began rehearsing with the band, and Jim Gluyas performed regularly with Osmosis. The band gave its final performance at Akron's First Night on New Year's Eve in 2002. Osmosis officially disbanded in 2003. bands: